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May 23 2018
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Images: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech
13th C Buddha, Kamakura - July 2009

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web development Peter Biddulph

This page is a program I have developed to display collections of images automatically from a number of folders without having to edit any files.

This makes a web site very low maintenance with correspondingly low cost as the owner can easily manage a large and changing collection of images, captions and text without third party assistance and associated ongoing charges. The program is supported by all web hosts with no special requirements or costs and may be placed anywhere on your website.

Simply upload folders of images, include a list of captions in a single text file and the program will add the collection automatically to the menu at the top left of the screen so the user may select a collection of images to view. The captions are added automatically to each image along with the file count.

The program would be ideal for visual artists, particularly photographers, who would like to create a high impact website of full-screen images to showcase their work.

There would be a single payment to set this up for your website including support. There are no ongoing fees, licence fees or any other charges. I would be happy to discuss your requirements and any questions you may have.

A free trial is available as an introductory offer. Please contact me for details -


Credits to respective owners of images appear below the menu. This program is developed from a slideshow released under a creative commons licence by Manos Malihutsakis -

About: Peter

Welcome to the new website currently under development.
More to come January 2014.

Web Design Templates

Templates Home Page

web design templates home The images on the right are screenshots of a series of 5 lively, high impact designs. They would be suitable for visual artists with own work as the background images. The templates are responsive resizing themselves for large screens, tablets or phones.

Click any of the images to view a live demo.

Template 1

Web design template 1 This template contains 3 galleries. Click a gallery to view a series of large images in a lightbox.

Template 2

Web design template 2

Template 3

Web design template 3

Template 4

Web design template 4 Template 4 resizes down to tablets, but not to phones.